Leapers UTG Pistol Flash Light w/23mm LED IRB & Lever Lock Integral QD Mount

UTG Tactical Pistol Flashlight w/ 23mm CREE LED IRB and Lever Lock Integral QD Mount is a scaled-up version of Leaper's powerful LED pistol light. The Leapers 23mm Pistol Light fatures an integrated quick-detachable mount for instant removal or addition of the gun light as needed; the light can be mounted to any standard Picatinny or Weaver rail. Leapers LT-ELP223Q Tactical Weapon Light is made for combat, with a crenelated bezel that makes it a useful hand-to-hand implement, and an ambidextrous finger-adjustable on-off switch. This Leapers Flashlight offers up 150 blinding lumens of focused light, emitted from a CREE Q5 LED lamp and focused by the integral bulb-reflector unit. Count on the Leapers 23mm Tactical Pistol Light to keep your subject overwhelmed and in clear view.

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Specifications for Leapers UTG 23mm Tactical LED Handgun Light w/ QD Mount:

Material: Aluminum
Flashlight Bulb Type: 23mm LED IRB
Flashlight Voltage(V): 6
Flashlight Max. Lumen(Lumens): 150
Flashlight Battery Operating Time: 2hr+
Flashlight Focus: Preset
Weight with Battery: 5.7 oz
Length: 3.38"

Features of Leapers Inc. UTG Tactical Quick-Detach 23mm Pistol Light:

  • Best in Class with CREE Q5 LED
  • 150 Maximum Lumens
  • Integrated Reflector and Light Bulb to Provide Instant Spot Focus for Clear Target Identification
  • Ambidextrous Finger Adjustable On/Off Switch
  • Max Strength Lever Lock Quick Detach Picatinny/Weaver Integral Mounting Deck with Smart Crossbar/Spring Design, Fully Adjustable and Adaptable to Metal or Polymer Standard Picatinny Pistol Rail
  • Combat Tactical Self-defense Front Head
  • Hard Anodized Finish for Wear Resistance

1-Leapers UTG Pistol Flash Light w/23mm LED IRB & Lever Lock Integral QD Mount

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Myrl - Add Reply

Good value, sturdy construction. Clamping is too tight on Sig (non-std rail) and uncomfortably tight on XDm (polymer). Fit AR rail better but not the intended application. Wish span could be adjusted like a bicycle skewer. Also wish the rail "lug" were adjustable front-to-rear so it could be lined up with trigger guard better. Pros: Aluminum construction, bright, ambi-switch Cons: Tight rail clamping not adjustable

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Lavern - Add Reply

VERY....VERY Bright..a true 150 lumens. It is a snug fit on my Springfield XD45, but I would not want it any other way. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance to shoot with it at night (cause I've only had it a week or so) But I'm sure it will work like it's supposed to.. AGAIN...It's just a light...and that's all it's supposed to be. Definitely like the "Quick" connect/disconnect function. Pros: Great Price!! Cons: none yet..

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Alberto - Add Reply

Ok, so I got this and played with it a bit. Seems sturdy, definitely bright. Once I put it on a gun, Taurus PT-99, I found that the light will flash on for a fraction of a second when the slide is racked. It probably happens when shooting also. I was able to easily adjust the clamp to allow proper tension, not sure why people have said that the clamp does not adjust. I believe this light is defective and I'll try to follow up on getting it replaced, but I've sat on it for awhile now so I think I own it. Overall I'm willing to say it's a good product. Pros: easily installed Cons: Light malfunctions

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Nolan - Add Reply

Very compact, very easy to install, very BRIGHT!

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