Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring

Price Save Up to $7.00 from $79.99 to $75.99

Improve your performance at the range by installing an Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring. These Gun Parts made by Armaspec serve as a drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring. The Armaspec AR-15 Stealth Recoil Spring reduces felt recoil to help you control your shots better, and it also prevents the buffer spring from rubbing against the inside of the buffer tube. Enhance your precision and quality of your gun with the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring SRS.

93 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring:

Gun Model: AR-15

Features of Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring, AMS-BUS-ASRCSCB

  • Self-contained multi-stage drop-in replacement
  • Reduce felt recoil

1-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
2-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
3-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
4-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
5-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
6-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
7-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
8-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
9-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
10-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
11-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
12-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
13-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
14-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
15-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
16-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
17-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
18-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
19-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
20-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
21-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
22-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
23-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
24-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
25-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring
26-Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring

  • PROS
  • One piece, simple
  • Easy and economical
  • Looks good
  • Cool Idea
  • smooths recoil
  • As described. Price, adaptation.
  • work fit flawlessly
  • Great with AR15 bcg
  • Oppetated as advertised
  • Low Price!
  • Easy to swap between guns
  • Works great
  • minimizes spring noise
  • All one piece
  • Correctly weighted for your Firearm
  • good alternative to more expensive competitor
  • Reduced felt recoil and muzzel jump
  • greatly reduces felt recoil
  • Great price!!
  • fair price and good quality
  • Great Price - BUY IT
  • easy to install
  • Better than Competitors
  • Better Price
  • Better Cycling
  • Quieter, smoother action
  • Solid, quiet
  • rock solid
  • much quieter
  • Smoother cycling
  • Extremely reduced recoil
  • Smooth & silent operation
  • Smooth & Quiet
  • install easy
  • recoil absorbing
  • silent, cost effective, reliable
  • Easy to install
  • cures cycling issues
  • IT WORKS !!!
  • Annoying noice attenuation
  • CONS
  • Machining quality not the best
  • Needed lubrication out of the box.
  • Not so good w 9mm bcg
  • may need to slightly push in the buffer when putting the upper back on the lower, for me no big deal
  • Minuscule improvement on recoil
  • I wish I had heard about it earlier
  • could use more weight options
  • No instructions, wish you could change weights for better tuning
  • Less refined than competitor spring
  • Awkward to remove
  • harder to charge rifle, not easy to adjust weight
  • O ring replacement.
  • a bit pricy

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Halle - Add Reply

Normally I would give this 5 stars but my journey to get to that point was excruciating. I have it working perfectly but only after my own efforts to fix it for my rifle. I run a 223/5.56 carbine but have a mid-length gas system. All the websites I checked including the manufacturer said to use the 3.3 oz buffer for carbine. The buffer worked well in normal fire mode but seemed like it was cycling so fast that it wouldn’t allow the magazine to push up the bolt stop on the last round. No luck on contacting ARMASPEC through phone or email and that’s my rub. I took my dremel with a cutoff wheel to the range and removed 1 loop off the long spring and did a test fire. After removing 9 loops from the spring the buffer weight was finally slowed down enough to allow the BCG to stay back on the last round. I have now fired about 100 rounds in 2-3 shot testing with about 10 different types of magazines with no problems.

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Jake - Add Reply

Was looking for something different and quieter than the usual spring and buffer system for my suppressed 300blk build. For this price point, and reading all the great reviews, I went with Armaspec and couldn’t be happier! Cycles smoothly without any twang and the H2 weight is perfect to run suppressed and un- suppressed.

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Lamar - Add Reply

Decided to give this product a try in a 300 blk pistol, unsuppressed with 8" barrel and adjustable gas block, but had issues with subsonic ammo. Everything functions as expected with supersonic ammo, but does not cycle s&b 200 grain subs in my configuration, maybe h1 buffer is needed.

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Forrest - Add Reply

If you are even thinking about buying this product, buy it now!!! I got this for my 9mm build, and i couldnt be more pleased. It makes the recoil almost feel like im shooting a BB gun. Just know your money wont be wasted.

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Wayne - Add Reply

I picked this up to smooth out and quit down the action on a 300blk pistol build. I've used this products more expensive counterpart which is sold by another company, but really wanted to give this a shot. Everything arrived without fail and appeared to be exactly what I ordered. Once I installed it, however, I noticed that there was a distinct noise coming from the buffer. I tried lubing and greasing with no change to the noise. I then took it apart and found machining marks on the inside of the reciprocating buffers. After a few minutes with some 600 grit paper and a drill, I was able to remove the machining marks (and the finish on the inside of the buffer) and eliminate the noise. NOW it works as I had hoped. I just wish I didn't have to put in extra work to get what I expected. Just to clarify, it didn't appear to hinder the physical function prior to this 'fix'. I just wanted the noise reduces as much as possible.

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Remington - Add Reply

This specific buffer recoil spring is equivalent to the competition. All in all there's no differences. I've used it on my 10.5" 5.56 suppressed with 3 o'clock ejection, without suppressed with the same ejection pattern just. I've used it on my 16" 5.56 which has a "Hu-Du" muzzle brake (absolute best brake for ANY caliber guaranteed) and had routine 4 o'clock ejection pattern although with weaker flight time on the spent casings. This recoil spring is tough, quieter and does what it's supposed to do. There's no need to spend extra money on other similar products to achieve the same results.

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Anibal - Add Reply

I built 18" SPR. 1/7 twist wylde with .750 low profile non adj. gas block with a rifle length gas tube , lower has carbine length buffer tube and buffer she was over gassed, i was having servere bolt bounce and the BCG was leaving circular marks on my buffer. my casing were ejecting at 1 to 130 angle. bought h2 regular buffer with a med recoil spring. NOGO, same results, so i bit the bullet and went with the SRS H3 = 5.6oz. shot one round bolt locked back, GOOD SIGN, so far so good, than loaded 5 rounds, all 5 casings ejected at 3 to 330 angle with bolt lock back on the fifth round fired. SRSH3,for me worked like a charm. havng proper ejecting angle with lower felt recoil and less wear & tear on cycling parts. BTW i left the buffer detent spring in had no issues there either.TY optics planet & Armaspec.

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Davon - Add Reply

This is a good recoil captured spring for sure. It's not as silky smooth as my JP's but it's nicer than most the flatwires I have used. I dislike the springy sound that a normal buffer makes, so for me this is a nice in between that and the JP for cheaper builds.

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Jarred - Add Reply

Bought and used this for my 50 Beowulf build. Read solid reviews and also wanted to negate that typical ar buffer spring twang. The armaspec did the job and some. Definitely recommend for any ar build.

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Trey - Add Reply

I bought an Armaspec H3 SRS to use with my 9mm AR. I removed the weight on the 9mm BCG so it would work properly. I was not impressed with it in the 9mm and it actually made the recoil worse with the weight removed from the 9mm BCG. I will have to say this thing impressed me when I swapped out my H2 and heavy spring in my AR15 to the H3 SRS. All I have to say is wow. Definitely a noticeable difference. fI definitely recommend this.

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Daryl - Add Reply

Severely reduced the spring noise inside my buffer tube!! Fit and finish is awesome?? No more spruuunnnggg under your head. Maybe a slight seduction in felt recoil from a 300 BO. Cycles quietly. Would recommend.

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Buster - Add Reply

Nice, no real difference in recoil but quieter. Tried on a 556 and a 300 blackout. There was no real felt difference going back and forth between this and an H2 buffer and spring setup. I did see that they are coming out with some part changes which I will order. Much quieter but would recommend getting the spare orings for carrier contact point.

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Oda - Add Reply

I already owned one of these, although it was not the H2. It functions flawlessly, and cost way less than some of it's competitors. I tried my friend's JP. It was incredibly nice to shoot without the twang, but the cost was outrageous. I found that the Armaspec work just as well if not better at a fraction of the cost.

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Marcellus - Add Reply

Not any noticeable recoil reduction but it is definitely quieter. That depends greatly on the quality of machining in your buffer tube. Because the front end of the buffer is in contact with the interior of the buffer, if there are even the faintest of machining marks going in an opposing direction from the buffer, you will get a very loud, squealing, nails on a chalk board, noise. Until I switched tubes I was ready to throw it out the window.

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Sidney - Add Reply

I have eyed the JP version of this for a long time but couldn't justify the price. When these were announced last year at SHOT I was happy to see the price point. I put this in my 300blk pistol which utilizes a suppressor and the difference is quite noticeable. The improvement is not just from a recoil standpoint but also that it is much quieter when shooting suppressed without earpro. I swap this to my AR sometimes where I have an adjustable gas block and Odin Works Atlas 5 Comp and this overall combination makes for a sweet shooting rifle. 2 cents.

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Nicklaus - Add Reply

Awesome product! Does everything as advertised. I was looking for a replacement for my stock buffer and had a tough time deciding between the armaspec and JP. Decided to go with the armaspec and will never look back!

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Robb - Add Reply

After installation I have only used it a couple times but what a huge difference. The old spring had that twang/rattle from an A2 stock and now it's quiet and feels tight. I will buy another and at half the price of a JP silent spring.

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Arjun - Add Reply

You can take this for what it is worth as it is my opinion. The main goal of this device for me is to eliminate the annoying TWANG in my AR rifles when shooting suppressed. This part does that and at half the price of other similar parts. I have installed three of these on my rifles and they have worked beautifully.

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Gaetano - Add Reply

You can buy a jp Silent spring for like 60-80 more dollars but if your not into fine tuning the rifle to shoot competivitly I don’t see why you need to look any further than this Product. It does everything that my friends more expensive spring does for less money. Now, I will say he can definitely add more spring weights and buffers to customize his but this spring gets the job done reliably so that’s all you need unless your a professional/ plan to be. It makes shooting suppressed way nicer because you won’t hear the annoying springy noise that comes from normal sprigs/buffer systems. I will say that I do not really notice a difference in felt recoil if maybe 10% less but then again I’m running this in a sbr. Not sure if it makes more of a difference with longer guns. Either way I would recommend this over the more expensive option unless your shooting competitively.

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Carey - Add Reply

This gone into my new AR-15 300 Blackout Build. It came ready to use. Goes in easy. I'm using this injunction with a gas piston bleed off system and in my initial test it fired very smooth and quiet. I'm still testing this build. After I get my silencer and fire some subsonic ammo I will give another review. I will test this recoil spring on this firearm for now but I think eventually i will get this for my other AR too. If your going to buy one of these recoil springs, Make sure to email or call the company to get the right model for your Firearm. Tell them your barrel length and if you have a gas piston system or not and any other think that makes your gun unique.

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Griffin - Add Reply

Works fine but due to the design (same issue with JP spring) where it has to go into the bolt carrier, it would not work with my PWS gas piston bolt carrier which I found out the hard way is proprietary. It has a smaller size hole. I found a good home for it though and it works well!

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Webster - Add Reply

Got this on a 6.5 Grendel build Suppressed with a adjustable gas block and it purrs like a kitten with the arms spec stealth recoil spring it helps cuts down on recoil and noise for an awesome price point! I did not remove the buffer retaining pin and have had no issues

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Derick - Add Reply

The SRS spring is an awesome addition to any AR platform. With recoil cut in half and a no noise for your usual buffer and spring it’s a must have! Plus it’s something to make you super kool when around your gunnut buddy’s. We love bragging rights right? �. Everyone should own one of these.

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Van - Add Reply

I've used the JP enterprises silent capture and I think that this is a worthwhile and economical great JP enterprises alternative. I am running this in an AR shorty and I could not be more satisfied. If you're reluctance to pay twice as much for JP enterprises has kept you from trying this type of buffer I would highly recommend that you give this a try and you won't be disappointed.

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Jaquan - Add Reply

This is probably one of the best technology advancements for the AR platform..The old spring and buffer have worked well for many years, but a captured spring system is the way to go to reduce noise and smooth out charging and cycling. I can't say I noticed much reduction in felt recoil, but the rifle is definitely quieter and tames down the cycling. It makes the rifle more controllable and easier to stay on target for follow up shots...Like the other reviewer, the "twang" never really bothered me until I installed this system, and realized just how loud and annoying it was, not to mention the vibration that used to come through the tube is gone as well..One thing I did notice is that when you release the bolt using the bolt release button, it seems to slam home more positively without any "bolt bounce".

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Austin - Add Reply

I had an AR 15 that had a terrible buffer spring noise in the stealth Eliminated any noise! I would highly recommend this product to anybody that wants a smoother shooting rifle, You definitely cannot go wrong with this product and I will be buying more for every rifle in the safe

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Willy - Add Reply

Save your money an buy this product. You will greatly appreciate it. It quites the recoil sound of the standard buffer tube in the ear if you run an adjustable gas block it really enhances the effectiveness of the block with a noticeable recoil reduction.

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Durward - Add Reply

This stealth recoil spring works like a charm. The price point is great, performance and reliability. No reason to buy the over priced competitor when you get the same performance and reliability.. I love this bad boy. I will be buying more. I highly recommend this puppy.

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Seth - Add Reply

after installing Armaspec captured spring on 2 of my rifles and gone to the shooting range i have to say i dont thingk i would ever ever go back to spring and buffer lol. Its amazing how it made a difference compared to my stock spring and buffer on both of my AR rifles 5.56 and 7.62x39.Priced right and for my own opinion its worth every penney i spent on this product. And i am planning on using this product on my future builds on AR platform.

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Darrell - Add Reply

Just as good as the more expensive competition. I plan on buying many more for all of my other AR 15 and AR 10 styled rifles. It's so nice not hearing the twang from the regular buffer spring, it can be quite annoying!

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Brody - Add Reply

It was everything I hoped for and half the price of the JP silent. Going to buy one for my ar10. Very smooth action and definitely reduced the recoil and no more sproing sounds when I shoot. I'm very impressed with the armaspec engineering.

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Franz - Add Reply

Works great, reduced recoil awezome product. I got two different models both work as advertised. I would recommend it to my friend, I can say enough about this product. The price is awesome!Simple to install.

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Dallas - Add Reply

Nice product, it will quiet a standard loud recoil buffer spring. It is very light and the H2 is stiff and you will notice in charging your weapon. Not sure if it affects accuracy yet. Might consider removing your standard buffer retainer pin cause it can be difficult removing with it in.

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Maximus - Add Reply

Great buy and easy to change weights if needed. Would recommend for replacement buffer for AR type rifle. Works great for 300 Blackout Supersonic would order a SRS H for SubSonic loads. Save money by buying this over a JP and use the extra money to by the different weights.

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Leonard - Add Reply

controls Spring and recoill and dampens felt recoils in my AR's. exelent product, since its a captured spring device it will not abuse aluminum buffer tube. Be sure to get extension piece if using rifle length stock and be sure to order correct weight for your caliber.

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Woodrow - Add Reply

I own the JP silent version of this too, which I love. I also love saving $$ as well as a quality product. With this I feel that I am getting the best of both worlds (great price great quality) and I am very happy with my decision.

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Kobe - Add Reply

Fantastic price, Great replacement for standard buffer and spring. Being active duty could not stand buffer noise. Still under new build can't wait to try this out, couldn't see spending more for other option of this type. No need to install buffer retention pin and spring.

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Austyn - Add Reply

This device is precisely constructed. It totally tames the recoil on my RRA 458 SOCOM. I bought it specifically for the purpose of reducing the recoil on my favorite pig gun, however, it provides the added bonus of removing the twang in my ear from my PRS stock buffer and spring. Great job guys!

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Chadd - Add Reply

Good quality and functions as advertised but hasn’t noticeably improved rifle performance or recoil. Haven’t tried it with my suppressor yet which may change my opinion, but as of now I think captured springs may not be worth the money to upgrade for the average shooter.

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Kenneth - Add Reply

The fact that it is already compacted for easier removal, makes me already enjoy this product. I have no doubt it will perform as stated. The pull for the charging handle requires about the same amount as the factory spring. Definitely glad I purchased this.

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Elliott - Add Reply

Everything everyone has written is true, its a luxury item and not required to run your toy. Would I recommend? Sure, if you know that what your expectation is. Im running a Phase 5 UMS on a lightweight build. There is no stock buffering your cheekweld, just cold steel next to the pie hole. This definitely "smoothed" out the tube.

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Napoleon - Add Reply

This device has a few small advantages over the JP spring, including the O-ring which reaches over your buffer detent and makes contact with the bolt for zero slop, zero gap, and much easier to remove. Plus it costs what the JP Spring is worth, now it's actually worth buying! I highly recommend it. Makes the difference between my 300BLK SBR cycling subs or not.

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Amir - Add Reply

Great product. I’d recommend it to anyone with a rifle. Fast , easy to install . Cheap prices , fast delivery as always by optics planet . Bought this and surprisingly a good item. Armaspec makes good items.

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Augustus - Add Reply

I bought this due to the others giving it such good reviews and I was not disappointed. A great upgraded from the typical spring and buffer. It defiantly helps you stay on targets for your follow up shots.

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Noel - Add Reply

This is my second one, been using the 1st in a 6.5 grendel short unit, well built, reliable and does what a JP does at close to half the price. Noticeable difference in recoil - very pleased - the trick is to be sure to pick the correct tension/strength as they have 4 models that would be comp to the 4 models of traditional buffer weights; although if your running a adjustable gas block most all would work - and of course I rec the adjustable gas block for all applications as it's the most effective way to reduce/manage recoil and improve cycling - I'm a tender kind of fellow, if I want recoil I'll go bird hunting. This is about twice the cost of a nice buffer/sping combo, however, well worth it for the performance and takes away the "twang" when cycling also - worst case you can sell it on the used auction site(s) as they resell used for almost the new price, I know as I shopped it quite a bit looking for a gimme but couldn't find one and buy new ones and will probably put these on any future rifles. I also believe you can order different springs and user replace, gotta go 5 star here - -- -

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Quinton - Add Reply

Armaspec stealth recoil spring is awesome! This replaces you original spring and buffer weight with this all in one unit. It has 2 springs one light one heavy and it gives it a more progressive spring rate for a softer recoil, and no more spoing sound from your buffer tube. The cool thin is you can remove the detent for the old buffer spring, you dont need it anymore but if you want to keep it thats cool too it doesnt obstruct operation at all.

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Rickie - Add Reply

This thing is everything it says it is.. works beautifully!!! Ive got it paired wth a 9” .300 blackout AR pistol wth Franklin Armory BFS3 binary trigger and my pistol has had zero malfunctions wth this H2 Armaspec silent spring..The price is great too!!

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Wilbert - Add Reply

The force required charge the firearm stiffens quite a bit, feels more like a stout semi auto recoil spring, operates fantastically and stabilizes the weapon's recoil impulse tremendously. Takes some getting used to but is worth the time.

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Mervin - Add Reply

I purchased the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring with heavy buffer (H3) to 'slow down' the bolt carrier group while shooting one of my AR 15s in suppressed mode. The Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring does a really good job in this specific application. It also works really well when shooting without a suppressor attached. I did notice that it softens the recoil and there isn't the 'twang' noise that comes from the regular buffer/buffer spring. The retail price on this product was also a factor in my purchase decision, as it is half the price of a JP Enterprises buffer spring assembly.

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Terrance - Add Reply

When it arrive i like the packaging. Put a little oil on the springs and outside of the buffer. easy to install. I charged the rifle and noticed right away that it is much more quiet than stock. I also installed an adjustable gas block. i absolutely love this rifle now. I really like this quiet buffer and plan on buying another.

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Jaylon - Add Reply

Like many folks I've always hated the grating sound of a standard buffer spring. When I learned about silent capture springs, I bought a JP immediately. Of course I didn't want to play favorites with my ARs, and not being made of money, these looked like a good alternative. I ordered a few. All springs arrived the same day, so it was easy to do a tabletop comparison. The JP has a slightly more polished look, and smoother feel to go with it, however these spring systems are still light years ahead of the standard issue spring and buffer. While it will probably prove to be a maintenance item, I do prefer the o-ring on the face of the Armaspec. Install was simple and straightforward, and once in the guns, there was no obvious difference between brands. I put one 3.3oz Armaspec in a standard AR with adjustable gas block, the other 5.7oz in a 450 Bushmaster build. The 450BM was stiff to charge, and it did not want to hold open on an empty mag, though it could be forced. At the range, the 3.3oz spring performed smoothly, quietly, and without issue. I did need to open my gas block one more click to get last shot hold open. I single loaded my 450 mags to test my theory, and as I suspected it took a few shots, but the big recoil compressed the oring and wore in the parts quickly. After 5 shots, it began to stay open on an empty mag also. Later it even proved itself under some heavy hitting rapid fire. Overall, I'm pleased with the performance of these springs, and do feel it's wor... Read More...

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Charley - Add Reply

Awesome price for a great product. I would highly recommend this. Worked great for my 300blk 8.5 inch suppressed and not suppressed. It is just as good if not better than similar products that are much more expensive.

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Ransom - Add Reply

The SRS is by far one the best single piece drop-ins you can either upgrade to or install from the beginning. I run an H3 in my 10.5" 5.56 pistol with a carbine tube. I was worried it wouldnt cycle unsuppressed but 1st shot ran smoother than smoother than any gun I have ever fired. Once I got my suppressor I knew it would cycle but was worried about the bolt slamming, I can actually use my arm brace as intended and there is hardly ANY muzzle rise. I will slowly be replacing all my buffers with these. No more CA-CHOING of the buffer spring. Plus its a better price than the JP. Only con, (not even a big deal) is you have to make press the hammer down all the way and pull the SRS out at a bit of an angle because it is such a snug fit but I will ever complain about tight components on an AR unless they are too tight. Great Product!

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Newton - Add Reply

Reduced twang ,I like the add weight. Seems well constructed works well excellent buy Might go with a lager charging handle do to stiff Looking into other armaspec products very impressed. 4 star due to use with mil spec ch... Definitely a difference

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Sage - Add Reply

Recently purchased this item for an ar15 build. My hope is that it will reduce carrier tilt in the long run. Smooth, quiet operation. Helps reduce felt recoil. Have it mated to a BAD bcg and everything runs smooth. Just purchased the 308 version to start a dpms style build with aero precision receivers

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Jayme - Add Reply

This is the first upgrade I've done on my AR. Very happy with the ease of installation, the price was very good and it made the rifle quieter. I'm now recommending this to several friends who are building. Well worth the price.

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Emmitt - Add Reply

Installed in a 8" 300blk build to replace the H2 buffer I had in there already and was tuned for, bolt locked back and every functions great. Charging handle is a lot heavier pull, but doesn't affect function.

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Leo - Add Reply

Much quieter than the standard recoil spring! Not yet sure about the longevity of this product, but it looks well made I'll have to wait and see. Shipping was very quick even during these hard times. Shipping was free so thumbs up!

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Lowell - Add Reply

What else can I say about this recoil spring? It’s quiet and smooth. It significantly reduces the amount of felt recoil from my 9mm PCC. I like this recoiled spring so much that this is the third one I’ve purchased. I’ve installed one on my 5.55 AR15 rifle, 300 blackout rifle, and 9mm PCC.

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Jerrell - Add Reply

I have been using this a few weeks now with two different uppers, and it has performed extremely well for its price. I will never use a standard buffer and spring again when I can have this thing for just a bit more! I don't believe it's as well constructed as something like the JP enterprises silent spring system, but for the price it's a great value. We have captured recoil springs on Glocks, S&Ws, etc. Why not have captured springs in our ARs?

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Nels - Add Reply

I have used this on every personal build, it smooths out the action and eliminated the spring ring in the stock. It's real advantage is when I have had difficult 6.8 builds that have had cycling problems due to short barrels. This cures the issue without going to lightening the bolt.

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Berry - Add Reply

I wanted the JP silent capture spring for a while but could never pull the trigger on the price tag. The Armaspec gets great reviews and delivers as expected, it eliminates the "sproing" sound from the buffer tube spring, and it seems to lessen the felt recoil. At the price, I don't see why you wouldn't add this to a rifle build or an existing rifle.

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Hailey - Add Reply

This product quiets the annoyingly overpowering sound of the buffer spring, tames the rearward lunge of the internals and seems to be a gentler snap back into battery (perhaps due to removal of the buffer retaining pin).

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Darren - Add Reply

First off I love that you can change out the weights. Some of the lower cost silent/ recoil reducing buffer systems do not have this option. Thus far the Armaspec has SRS has impressed in both the H3 and Carbine weights. For the price it's hard to beat.

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Buster - Add Reply

If there is an annoying feature of the AR-15 rifle platform it has to be the twannggg sound the buffer and spring make at every shot. This is just about eradicated by the use of the Armaspec stealth spring system. Similar products are available, but at almost twice the cost, so all things considered Armaspec is the best all arround. I started with one, now have four!

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Orin - Add Reply

Purchased the 3.8 to replace the stock buffer/spring in my M&P Sport 2. Seems to smooth out and quiet the cycling. Being a 223 there wasn't any noticeable recoil reduction, but should cut down on felt recoil with larger calibers. Overall worth the money.

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Lucius - Add Reply

Went with the H1 for my most recent 300 blackout build. A noticeable improvement over a traditional buffer and spring. Smooth, quiet, and made for a softer, flatter shooting rifle. Simple installation. I will be interested to see how it holds up. It seems durable but one never knows.

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Micah - Add Reply

So far I am happy with this purchase. It arrived quickly as ordered. It has done as advertised and reduced spring noise and made the action feel smoother. One of my hand loads couldn’t cycle the action but that was probably my error.

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Rodolfo - Add Reply

I received the Stealth recoil spring today and immediately installed it and ran about 20 rounds through my AR. Performed exactly as I had hoped. Completely eliminated that annoying and distracting “twang”. I also noticed a slight reduction in felt recoil. I’m not sure I would have paid the full retail price of $80+, but since I got it on sale for $68 (with free shipping) through OP, I’m pleased with my purchase.

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