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A Complete AR-15 Buffer Kit With an Enhanced Tube Design

Making its new Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube even more attractive to today's AR owners, Aero Precision now offers the tube in a complete kit that includes all the buffers that a shooter might need to fine-tune their AR's operating system. The kit includes a Carbine Buffer, H Buffer, H2 Buffer and an H3 Buffer, so shooters can cycle through each to find which one works best in their rifle or pistol.

The Aero Precision AR Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube features a few special highlights designed to improve your gun's functionality. Aero Precision first added Carrier Support Extensions into the tube, which are designed to guide the bolt-carrier group into the tube after a round is fired. This prevents carrier tilt and minimizes wear on key components, ensuring that your gun lasts longer. The support extensions also secure the buffer retaining pin into place and also ensures that the buffer tube won't back out under heavy recoil.

Also found on the Aero Precision Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube are Position Guide Drain Holes, which are designed to quickly remove water from your gun's operating system if you're hunting or shooting in waterlogged environments. In dry shooting conditions, the holes also allow air to escape during the compression cycle of the buffer, leading to improved reliability.

Other features found on the Aero Precision Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube include a ramped tube design, which allows for easier installation of standard carbine buttstocks. The tubes are guaranteed to have the correct thread depth, so your stock won't become stuck on exposed threads when collapsed.

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