PSE Archery Razorback Bow

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The PSE Razorback Traditional Bow is quality built with modern technology and old world craftsmanship. These Recurve Bows, Longbows, Compound Bows from PSE Archeryare crafted of hand selected hardwoods with ultra smooth finishing. PSE Razorback Bows have stabilizer and sight bushings. Choose a PSE Archery Razorback in the draw weight that you prefer.

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Specifications for PSE Archery Razorback Bow:

Color: White/Wood
Bow Type: Recurve Bow
Draw Length: 62 in

Features of Precision Shooting Equipment Razorback Bow:

  • Riser made of Walnut wood, Burma White Wood, and Beech Wood.
  • Limbs made of Maple wood and fiberglass.
  • Stabilizer and sight bushings.
  • Recommended height: Up to 5ft. 7in. (170cm).
  • Draw weights measured at 28-inch draw.
  • Brace Height 7 inches.
  • Draw Length 62 inches.

1-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
2-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
3-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
4-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
5-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
6-PSE Archery Razorback Bow
7-PSE Archery Razorback Bow

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Haskell - Add Reply

This item feels like a real bow I can't wait for the actual right hand bow. And it still pack some power for a 20lb bow. Assembly is easy and I hope to purchase the thing for the figure so it doesn't hurt to shoot.

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