CenterPoint Eos Hunter Compound Bow

High powered, high performance bow at an affordable price Adjustable draw weight and draw length accommodates shooters of nearly any size Capable of hunting deer at the maximum settings, delivering speeds up to 300 fps Draw weight adjustable from 20 - 70 lbs. Draw length adjustable from 19"e; - 31"e; 7"e; brace height and 80% let off for consistent accuracy Right handed bow Field Ready Kit includes bow, fiber optic sight, wheel peep sight, nock loop, full capture arrow rest, stabilizer, wrist sling and quiver Bonus: Release aid includedArrow Velocity Up to 300 fpsSystem CompoundDraw Length 19 - 31 inchesDraw Weight 20 - 70 lbsLimbs Compression Fiberglass Quad LimbsRiser AluminumBrace Height 7.0Product Weight 4.1

91.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-CenterPoint Eos Hunter Compound Bow
2-CenterPoint Eos Hunter Compound Bow
3-CenterPoint Eos Hunter Compound Bow
4-CenterPoint Eos Hunter Compound Bow

  • PROS
  • Everything about this bow
  • Excellent bow
  • Shoots well and more
  • CONS
  • Soft back wall

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Ted - Add Reply

This is an exceptional bow at a bargain basement price . No where can you get this kind of performance and value . If you are just getting into bow hunting or target shooting this is a great place to start ...I just took my bow out yesterday and it was very accurate and a fun bow to use . When I purchased this bow I had no idea how well built this product would be because the pictures do not do this bow justis .

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Felix - Add Reply

I bought some semi expensive bows in the past. But I wanted a new bow, without spending alot of $$. I first I purchase a crossbow the year before, so I stayed with Center Point and was not disappointed! Now, I want to buy one for my Son!

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