KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags

Kanga-tek GO! Sling Messenger Bags are just the ticket for carrying your everyday gear. KangaTek makes quality gear bags that will secure your phone, keys, wallet, books, and other valuables in a convenient, sleek form that can be worn for a variety of activities. KangaTek Go Bags make it possible for you to carry important possessions and electronic devices close to your body and where you can reach them, without dealing with bulky bags or inconvenient clothing pockets. The KangaTek GO Messenger Bag provides a good balance between easy of access and security, to keep you moving, productive and connected. The 4 pockets included in this messenger bag allow for easy access to all items stored in it. Made out if lightweight materials, this Kangatech sling bag will not add any weight to your load from objects stored in the zippered pockets. This carrying bag is perfect for anyone on the go, offering big advantages over traditional backpacks - like access while you're still on the move. With the Kanga Tech Bandolier bag, all items are easily accessible with no interruption to your activity. In addition to its convenient use, it is also fashionable. Kangatek carrying bags come in a variety of colors, have a cool design and the flexibility of many wearing positions. Many times better than a fanny pack, the KangaTek GO! Single-Strap Messenger Bag is one companion you'll want for every outdoor activity!

91 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Kangatek Sling Messenger Bags / Personal Carriers:

  • 4 pockets organize and secure contents
  • Lightweight materials for added comfort
  • Smart loop construction allows for adjustability and multiple wearing options
  • Water resistant neoprene construction protects your valuables
  • Zippered pockets for quick-access and security
  • Reversible design can provide two color options
  • Flexibility to wear over either shoulder
  • Slim profile allows discrete access in virtually all situations
  • Ear bud port for continuous, easy access to music
  • Unisex design and one-size-fits-all for versatility

1-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
2-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
3-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
4-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
5-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
6-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
7-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
8-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags
9-KangaTek GO Bandolier Sling Messenger Bags

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Deontae - Add Reply

I really liked the design. It looks much better than a fanny pack and does a better job of dsributing the weight of my stuff. Easier access than a day pack. In a perfect world I would have made the lowest pouch a bit bigger as it was a little small for the snacks I like to take on a hike. Pros: comfortable, easy to use, stylish Cons: some pouches could be larger

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Kayleigh - Add Reply

An excellent carrier that will carry a good quantity and varied cargo easily and with easy access. Pros: Super easy to use with adequate pouch size Cons: Could be slightly larger

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Monserrate - Add Reply

Great product, would recommend it! Pros: Great perfect for walking Cons: Would be handy to colour code the zip tiers

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Sigurd - Add Reply

I take it with me to trade sd cards out of my 4 trial cameras flash light keys. Pros: Helps me hold my sd card act. Cons: none

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Gay - Add Reply

Well put together. I think if had one larger pocket I would give it all five stars but nonetheless, it's a great bag and I recommend it. Pros: Balances load out nicely Cons: Carry capacity could be greater and price point on the high side

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Maynard - Add Reply

I like having my photo accessories handy, but my vest gets quite uncomfortable in hot weather. This is a great solution; I can fit my wide-angle zoom lens (sans hood) in one pocket, teleconverter in another, battery and memory cards in another, and still have room for a small rain poncho and filter case in another. Pros: Comfortable, convenient access Cons: Pockets could be a little wider

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Kiel - Add Reply

Iwas not disappointed.It carrys my lc9 & wallet cool. Pros: lots of pockets Cons: easy to put in pockets

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Jameson - Add Reply

I used this as the container for a ditch bag for my girlfriend and my son. We were moving to mountains and I wanted something that would be easy for them to grab. I used one of the lower pockets for a small first aid kit and the SOL origin survival kit. I put a small tactical flashlight in one of the small pockets and added a red LED zipper pull light to the "cell/mp3 pocket". I could have added a set of decent earbuds in the pocket as well, but they both have favorites. Different colors for each of them (olive for my son and the orange for the gf) They loved it. Pros: Attractive, simple Cons: chicks won't use it with a purse

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Kareem - Add Reply

Great sling for the summer months if you have lots of gadgets and other stuff loading up your pockets. Easy access to every pocket. Pros: comfortable, sleek Cons: I will have to buy another, my dad swipped mine.

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Justus - Add Reply

I read the reviews before I purchased this sling bag. I was not disappointed. It carrys my Blackberry, keys, change, wallet or whatever. I do have to look at it to get it turned correctly before I put it over my shoulder, but that is just getting familiar with it. So far...so good. Pros: quality, number of pockets, fits essentials. Cons: none so far

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Lewis - Add Reply

good little bag Pros: portability Cons: bulky

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Cristopher - Add Reply

I don't like the brown color (should have ordered a different color. Pros: Good padding, comfortable to wear

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Shaun - Add Reply

Works great , looks nice , although they should have a multicam option Pros: Well made , sturdy fabric , many applications Cons: They do not make it in camo

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Joany - Add Reply

I haven't had a chance to use it yet as my main reason for getting this is to wear while bicycling and I have a bad knee at the moment. However, I can tell that it will work very well. It contours nicely to the shape of my body and will stay in place. The upper pouch is ideal with the headphone feed-through feature that will keep my mp3 player secure without the wire dangling all over the place. I also plan on carrying my handgun in a shoulder holster and because this sling is designed to wear on either side I don't have to be concerned about it being in the way. The multiple zippered pockets will provide plenty of room for my needs-- wallet, keys, knife, extra ammo, cell phone, etc. Everything that I would normally carry in my pants pockets or on a belts would be out of the way while I am cycling and at the same time I can feel confident that I would not be losing my belongings. I also appreciate the added comfort and protection from the padded material which is water resistant. Pros: Well designed Cons: None

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Jaquan - Add Reply

This is a great item that I use for hunting. I put all my essentials in this for hunting and use it when I want to go light. Carries all you need for a hunt when you want to go light. Also works well for fishing in carry tackle essentials. Pros: very usable and light

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Stone - Add Reply

I hate carrying stuff around in pockets so this is great for carrying the phone and wallet when its not jacket weather or I dont have other pockets to use. Pros: plenty of pockets, neoprene material Cons: could use padding on the strap

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