BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots, Desert Tan

The BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots - Coyote Tan provide the best support while you're out in the field. Using nothing but the finest materials, these Boots from Blackhawk Tactical offer a Vibram outsole, Cordura and suede upper, Dri-Lex lining, and Ortholite footbed to ensure the best possible performance with every wear. Long wearing and water friendly, these BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Tactical Boots provide excellent traction and support wherever you hike. Providing a cool and dry comfort, the BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Comfortable Boots offer a unique open cell structure for continuous air travel and breathability. Ready to go anywhere with you, these BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Breathable Boots are the fastest, lightest, and most comfortable boots you'll ever wear.

94.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Durable Boots:

Outsole material: Vibram "Multisport"
Footbed material: OrthoLite Custom Molded
Inner lining material: Dri-Lex
Upper material: Cordura and high-abrasion suede
Ankle support webbing: 2"

Features of:

  • Large, open lugs for traversing debris and providing excellent traction in all conditions
  • Long wearing
  • Water friendly
  • Injection molded shank
  • Washable
  • Unique open cell structure for air travel
  • 95-100% breathability for maximum ventilation
  • Rugged durability
  • Ankle support webbing enhances stability
  • Extra suede layer heel and toe reinforcements provide abrasion and scuff resistance
  • Fully gusseted tongue prevents debris for entering boot
  • Smooth pulling tunnel eyelets for an even draw when tightening laces

1-BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots, Desert Tan

  • PROS
  • Lightweight, durable, easy to put on and off
  • very comfortable
  • Light-weight but durable
  • light weight
  • great support
  • true fit
  • CONS
  • Hard to decide on sizing. These are just a little bigger than my regular shoe size & seem good with relatively thick socks.

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Moshe - Add Reply

I bought this boot using the sizing system and researching online. The guide that is provided by blackhawk is a bit off. I wear a size 8 lined Danner and a size 8 normally running shoe. With this boot, I went with an 8 but had to return for a 7.5. These boots need no breakin time. I got them the day before my last drill weekend, so I wore them with no problems whatsoever. The retention lacing system is very good, and all the materials seem top notch. I usually use a set of orthotics in boots, but I liked the insole on these brand new I decided to try them for the weekend. I have no regrets. Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, sole, good looks Cons: None

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Garrett - Add Reply

GREAT Boots. Comfortable and light. I have been in the Army for 15 years and I never had better boots. Fit like sneakers but strong enough for the rocks of Afghanistan.

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Jarvis - Add Reply

These boots are the best. I served in the 3rd ID as a US Army Infantry soldier. I have road march like no other and I have worn every boot out there. Believe me when I say this, "These are the best boots every made". They are as lite as a pair of new balance running shoes. Strong, well built and just feel like a shoe should. The soles for traction are the best. Not a rock can get stuck in the tread. Non-slip. Heck I can go on and on. Just rememeber this. These will be the best boot/shoes you'll every own. And you will think back at this post after you get your boots in the mail and you'll say that guy was right on! Take care. JD Pros: Everything Cons: Really, nothing.

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Joey - Add Reply

wore these for a month prior to ranger school, up and down hills on 12 mile rucks with alot of weight. they are solid Pros: Durable,comfy,light,athletic feel,no rub-no blisters Cons: little warm for summer wear

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Kacey - Add Reply

my entire platoon wear these amazing boots, we train hard, with march over the 45 miles in two or three days, and nobody suffers of blisters or another problems. Pros: Durable, Light, confortable

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Clifford - Add Reply

Picked these up based on recommendation from other cadets in my battalion. Can't believe how much better these were than my issued boots. Real light, comfortable,and no break-in time. My foot doesn't fall apart from blisters after a ruck march anymore. At first I thought they would be way to hot but it seems so far that they still keep your feet cool, even with the extra padding. Plan on ordering a second pair. Pros: Comfortable Cons: A little on the snug side.

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Jeramy - Add Reply

I have had these boots for about 6 months now. Awesome pair of boots. They are very durable. I have been on hikes through mountain terrain, stood/walked through water. They do keep my feet dry even when standing in water. even been in prone positions and have no scuff marks at all. ive got to say putting these boots through hard use they are holding up very well. i am surely pleased with my purchase and would recommend them. a little pricey but you get what you pay for. i will be buying another pair once these get worn. IF your looking for good, durable, comfortable nice looking pair of boots GET THESE!. Pros: Durable, comfortable, true to size Cons: none

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Alexandro - Add Reply

I have owned this specific boot since the day we Army switched to DCUs. Roughly 7 years. I have owned approximately 9 pairs of these, and LOVE THEM. I have been in the Army for 22 years, I have 4 years of deployed combat time, and these boots have held up great. They seem to last me about 3 to 4 years. They are light, great comfort, and semi water resistant, but lets your foot breathe. Out of 9 pairs I have owned, only one of them had stitching come loose in the tune of about an inch on the heal. They were within the one year warranty, so I sent them in, and within a week or so, I had new ones back. It should be noted for 11Brovo types, I am an Apache Pilot. So I dont spend the mileage you guys do, but I can say for a fact, working in and around helicopters, boots tend to get tears on the sides of them due to rivets and sheet metal. These boots hold up all day long. The only reason why I get rid of them and buy new ones is they are covered in aircraft grease and oil. I have only had one pair in 7 years actually fail. Out of the four years I spent in combat, these boots have endured the semi large rock terrain that makes up our flight lines that at a minimum I would spend 2 miles a day walking in. The rocks where sharp, and about 5 to 8 inches in size and would tear the crap out of my co-workers Oakley boots. I have never written a review for any product before and the only reason I am writing this one is to help out my fellow soldiers. Compared to CIF issue, these boots are ... Read More...

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Jamey - Add Reply

Light, comfortable and hard. What else could you want? I have had several timberlands, magnums and none is so light and comfortable especially thanks to its vibrating soles are perfect for steep areas and to make long trips. Pros: Light, comfortable and hard. Cons: nothing to highlight

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Kale - Add Reply

I haven't rucked in them yet and I haven't had them long enough to know if they are durable. So far, they are the most comfortable boot out of the box I have ever worn. Pros: Comfort Cons: Durability?

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Rodrick - Add Reply

I have tried a few other boots in the past, and I have to say that these boots are the lightest but yet very durable. I have used them in very cold weather, as well as some warmer conditions in the mountains, and various tough terrain. They are also very easy to get into and out of, and the laces have held up well so far. I also feel that the soles are very versatile and are good in any terrain.

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Jonathon - Add Reply

First pair I have owned but most comfortable boots I have ever put on. Can walk for hours in this from day one. Pros: Comfort, fit, support Cons: None

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Diego - Add Reply

I'm using those boots in Sudan. Very soft and comfortable, no sweating at all. Look very accurate, not bulky

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Issac - Add Reply

These are the best boots I have had. This is the second pair I have owned. $70.00 less than purchasing them in a store.

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Camron - Add Reply

Shopped several sites for these boots, including the BlackHawk site. This is the cheapest I found them, plus the only store that actually had them in stock (including BlackHawk!) When everyone else was saying it would be A MONTH AND A HALF before I'd get them, I found that unacceptable. So glad I found this site. I had them in like 3 days. Boots are much more comfortable, and I haven't rolled my ankles in them yet, which I did constantly with my GI boots. Pros: comfortable, flexible Cons: none so far

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Joel - Add Reply

I have flat feet, with a few broken bones in each, and also have some ligament damage but these boots take all my pain away. These are more comfortable than any tennis shoe/ basketball shoe etc. Just awesome. Pros: Comfortable, Light Weight, Durability Cons: None

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Bart - Add Reply

I have been wearing these boots nearly every day since I bought them a few months ago and they are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. Sizing was spot on for me and I I will definitely buy another pair in the future.

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Mateo - Add Reply

These boots are absolutely excellent!! They made extremely well, they look great, and are really comfortable. Anywhere else, these boots would $125.00+, so this is a great deal. Highly recommend!

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Dominic - Add Reply

The are by far the best boots I have ever owned. This is my second pair now. I purchaced from this site as these boots were almost double in price at our PX's clothing and sales. So much for the PX taking care of us. Make sure you mention you are military to receive your discount for these already generously priced boots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Pros: Extremely light, comfortable and durable Cons: none, this is my second pair

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Bradford - Add Reply

Most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

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Deonte - Add Reply

These are well made and provide excellent traction. I use them often for cross country hunts in warm weather (40-110 degrees). I love the lightweight comfort and ankle support. So far, I have tried rucking with packs under 50 pounds. Note these are not insulated, waterproof, steel shank- but you can cover great distances comfortably. Pros: Lightweight and Comfortable Cons: none

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Victor - Add Reply

Haven't had the boots long, but they seem to be just what I want. They're well-made boots. The service from Optics Planet was speedy and the whole ordering process was painless. Plan to use these boots when I need to run -- while in uniform.

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Loy - Add Reply

Super comfortable no break in cant beat price vibram lasts about a year in hot desert areas use every day outside work no issues water sheds right off step in water feet dont get wet at all there are good boots for more but these do the job for price.

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Jed - Add Reply

Sizing fits your actual foot size. No breakin neccessary. Factory insoles are thick and removable just like aftermarket ones you will use to replace the originals so boot size is consistant. Boot provides almost no ankle support, so if you need that these are not for you. Pros: No ankle support Cons: Excellent boot in all other respects

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Alexandre - Add Reply

great boots, high stability and comfortable, ive ran in these boots first day i put them on and have no blisters whatsoever...

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Xavier - Add Reply

These Warriors are a great boot. Like wearing slippers all day and so light you never even notice them even at the end of a long day on a hard floor. I'm ordering another pair just to have 'em stashed for future use. Pros: Very light, out of the box comfortable, love wearing 'em!! Cons: None so far

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Jaydon - Add Reply

6 years in the Army and these are the BEST boots I have ever worn. They where for a great price at this website compared to rangerjoes and some others. Outstanding boots! Pros: Comfortable, Sturdy, Perfect Fit, Outstanding boot Cons: had a little lump above my pinky toe it took a little bit to work out

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Lawson - Add Reply

The boots are comfortable for both walking and running. high comfort durable materials. you walk all day without problems. Pros: comfortable boots

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Robbie - Add Reply

These Boots are Outstanding! They are comfortable right out of the box. I spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps and have worn out many a pairs. I never recommend anything to anyone when it comes to footwear. These boots are an exception! When your on the run all day and need the support in your ankles and something to take the edge off of painful joints, these bad boys are up to the task. I received my order in three days and they are worth every cent. Semper Fi!

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Ibrahim - Add Reply

This is a repeat review I did 2 weeks ago. Never got my coupn so im trying again. So far this has been one of my best overall purchases in the last 12 months. These boots kick a$$ Pros: Everything Cons: Wish they came in more colors: OD, grey, black

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Keven - Add Reply

Extremely comfortable with almost no break-in. The cushioning lasts for a long time. Blackhawk can be contacted for replacement insoles to revive the cushioning when it eventually wears out. These boots eat almost all types of terrain with minimal slipping. They can be a little warm in the desert heat. A little spray on waterproofing and they are the perfect boot. This was my second pair after putting on countless miles in AFG and here in the states for 2.5 years on my first pair.

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Gabe - Add Reply

This is the best pair of boots that I have ever purchased for myself and for sure will not be the last. They are even better than the Oakley's that was initially my first choice. Pros: Comfort is the best feature.

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Eli - Add Reply

Never a big fan of ordering shoes online since fit varies so much, but these are perfect. A 14W is actually a 14W - no hot spots or tender areas fresh out of the box. 21 years in "GI" boots and thses are by far the most comfortable I've owned. Top rated, on sale, free shipping and found a 5% off coupon - can't beat that. Thanks! Pros: Very comfortable, great fit, good looks Cons: None

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Manley - Add Reply

This is the second pair I am buying. From the minute you put them on you want to go for a ruck march they are that comfortable. They have so much cusioning they almost bounce. And this is by far the best price you can get them! Pros: Comfort, fit, cushioning Cons: A little warm for the desert

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Mose - Add Reply

It's like waking on little pillows compared to the standard GI boots a good investment. Good compliments about style and looks from others. 5 stars I like the tread on the bo boot, it gives me good ankle support when I have to dismount high vehicles

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Ryley - Add Reply

Love these boots, I purchased my first pair at Fort Sam Houston during Officer Basic Course. They were comfortable from day 1, no blisters or discomfort! Pros: Feel broken in on first wear. Cons: Tread slippery in wet/icy conditions.

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Cleve - Add Reply

This boot is hands down them most comfortable boot I've ever worn in my 15 years in the military. The only downside to the boot is the lace loop on the right boot tore off only two weeks of wearing the boot. A personal preference for me that I do not necessarily like about the boot is the way I blouse my pants into the boots; the blousing comes undone throughout the day and I have to keep re-blousing my pant legs into the boots. I'm not sure if it's because of the length of my pants or the different cut at the top of the boots. Pros: Comfort; value Cons: Workmanship; not made in the USA

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Lew - Add Reply

Very well made and the materials used to build this boot are tops. The support and comfort is good for a long day on your feet. The size I bought first was a half size to big, Optics Planet took care of the return very quick. This boot is so far handling all kinds of conditions from pounding on concrete, asphalt, lava fields and some mud and loose rock. Still have not gone into deep water though. So good I'm getting another pair. Good Luck.

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Jace - Add Reply

After years of abusing my feet wearing Army issue boots and massive amounts of miles,ruck marches,jumps,runs youname it I found these boots and I’ll never wear anything else. Comfortable and lightweight as well as durable. They are the total boot.

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Franco - Add Reply

These are the nicest boots I have worn, ever. Extremly more comfortable than issue boots and a hell of a lot lighter. They are also more rugged than the cheapies I picked up at ranger joes which literally ripped in half after 11 ariborne ops. Speaking of which I just jumped with these at bragg last week and they were great no sprained ankles, and I hit like a damn rock 200+ lbs. Highly recomend all around. You can stop looking for another boot this is the one you will want. Pros: very comfortable, very little break in if any

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Wyman - Add Reply

very comfortable boots, new balance both as a high-end, very light compared to some timberland, recommended if you are not a very rainy and not pass the test of 10 min in a water tank because although the outside are dry soaked indoors Pros: Lights, very comfortables Cons: no 100% impermeables

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Elroy - Add Reply

Worth every penny Pros: Very comfortable Cons: None

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Judson - Add Reply

Good looking boot that has excellent grip. Can get hot in warm weather but is still very comfy. Pros: Great grip Cons: Can stretch over time but most boots do

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Hadley - Add Reply

These are very good boots, that I am going to be using for air assault school Pros: lightweight, comfortable Cons: none

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Crawford - Add Reply

Haven't put them through anything to tough yet. But took them on 5k ruck march right out of the box. Felt like putting on a new pair of running shoes. Wore them goose hunting once. Took on the mud no problem. Super comfortable and tread cleaned up easily despite being very aggressive. Have no complaints yet. I highly recommend the boots and their customer service is top notch. Originally ordered the wrong color. Had to send them back to get the military approved tan. They re-did my order and had the right style out lickity split. Pros: great quality. great price!! Cons: none yet

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Zachary - Add Reply

These things wear like tennis shoes, but are field tough, water resistant, and come pre-broken in. You can put them on today and go on a ten mile hike with no blisters or problems. Wish I had discovered these years ago. Best boot ever owned. Pros: comfort and water resistant Cons: none

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Brad - Add Reply

I was very skeptical at first based on the price. My worries relieved. This is an awesome boot. They are extremely comfortable and so far durable. I have had them for 6 months. They have endured extreme cold and ice. In the ice the tread held up better than any boot I have ever used in the past. I will continue to buy these boots in the future. Pros: Great price point; Extremely comfortable; Work great Cons: none to note

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Isidro - Add Reply

After the initial break in was over with these boots (2 weeks) they are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. The blisters were well worth it in the end. Look so much better than standard issue too! Pros: Super comfy Cons: Initial break in was rough

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Jean - Add Reply

These are by far the best boots to have. Not only does it feel like you are walking on clouds even after years of wear, but they are a good look too. I got them in the mail extremely quick and just in time for when I needed them.

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Gaylord - Add Reply

This is my second pair of these. I hope this pair last as long as the first. Very comfortable I love them! I have heard concerns over a change in the glue for the soles but I haven't noticed any issues yet.

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Forest - Add Reply

these are the most comfortable summer work boots I have ever owned. won't replace steel toe timberlane for equipment work, but for daily chores and hours on my feet doing horse work etc they are hands down the best. very much true to size and again, most comfortable boots ever. will buy a pair for my son and anyone else who works around here. thanks.

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Kendrick - Add Reply

First let me say that time from order to receiving then was great also.. The boots are awesome an very comfortable and need pretty much no break in, but do get bit better with time worn, havent had them long enough to talk about how they will wear, but seem to be well made and look good also... The only think is they seem to be about 1/2 size small on these, so i would order 1/2 size up to make them fit super great.... This boot would be very hard to beat for feel and comfort and looks........ I plan to get another pair some time in the future...

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Zack - Add Reply

These are the best pair of boot that I have ever purchased. Hands down the best.

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Kaleb - Add Reply

Great boot. super comfortable and easy to break in Pros: Lightweight, comfortable Cons: get dirty easily

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Nicholas - Add Reply

The best boots I have purchased by far in my career! Pros: Lightweight & Comfortable Cons: NONE

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Chester - Add Reply

When you buy your first pair of this, you will want more than one pair, for everyday use and for the field training., Pros: ligth, breatable, durable, confortable Cons: none

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Sherman - Add Reply

Easily the most comfortable out of the box boots I've ever tried. Have yet to do long distance (15+) rucking, but have high expectations. Durable appearance, soles are extremely grippy but may wear over time.

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Arden - Add Reply

Never have I purchased a pair of shoes of any kind that I didn't expect a little break-in period. Until now! I just received my BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots, put them on and I can now say these are without a doubt the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned, straight out of the box. I am so impressed I am ordering a second pair right away.

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Nickolas - Add Reply

This is one of the best boots out there for the military. Lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable.

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Bertram - Add Reply

I have had these boots for years and have used them up in the mountains on a 15 mile hike and in the desert. I plan on buying another pair even though I have not destroyed this pair yet! Pros: Comfortable, Durability, Quality Cons: some threading on the inside toe of the right boot came loose.

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