Vixen VC200L Catadioptric Telescope 2632 with Optional Accessories

Vixen VC200L OTA Telescope 2632 advanced optical system is one of the most sophisticated optical systems available today. The Vixen VC200L OTA SX-Trim Telescope 2632 primary mirror is unique to Vixen exclusive. Vixen VC200L OTA SX Trim Telescope features a unique and highly precise sixth-order shape produced by Vixen's High-Precision Poly-Order Aspherical Mirror Molding Technique. This guarantees the Vixen VC200-L OTA Telescope to be free of coma, curvature of field, spherical and chromatic aberration. The Vixen VC200 L OTA SXTrim Telescope is also far sharper and flatter at the edge of the field than Schmidt-Cassegrain systems of the same aperture. Star images measure less than 15-microns, even at the edge of the Vixen VC200L OTA SX-Trim Telescope 42mm image circle.

Vixen VC200L OTA SX-Trim Telescope VISAC optical system consists of a concave primary mirror, a convex secondary mirror and a three-element field corrector at the base of the focuser. This makes the Vixen VC200L OTA SX-Trim Telescope well suited for observation and Telescopes of the moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, and comets. The rack-and-pinion focusing mount accepts optional 2" eyepieces and accessories, and an f/6.4 reducer for photographic use is also available. The open tube design eliminates the dew problem that is common with conventional Schmidt- or Maksutov-Cassegrain systems and its size makes it very easy to handle. Also included is a light weight optical tube with improved anti reflection coatings, a metal carrying handle and a 7x50mm finderscope.

This version of the Vixen VC200L OTA SX-Trim Telescope is the optical tube only for those who wish to fit it to an existing mount.

Specifications for Vixen VC200L Optical Tube Assembly - 2632:

Aperture:   200mm (7.8") Aspherical Mirror / Multi-Coated
Focal Length:   1800mm ( F9 )
Resolving Power:   0.63"
Limiting Magnitude:   13.3
Light Gathering Power:   816x
Size:   (OD) 232mm (9.2") x (L) 620mm (24.5")
Weight:   13.2 lb (6 kg)
Finder Scope:   7x50mm

87.75 /100
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1-Vixen VC200L Catadioptric Telescope 2632 with Optional Accessories

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Korey - Add Reply

I have only used the scope a few times so far, but I am blown away by the views I am getting. I previously had a Celestron 6" achromatic refractor. This scope is in a completely different league. I can't wait to start using it for its main purpose - astrophotography. The quality is great and I don't think there is a scope made that can compete with it for its price and low weight. I wasn't familiar with Vixen, but I took a chance and bought this scope and I am really happy. Optics Planet did a great job of shipping quickly too.

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