Tasco Specialty 30x76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150

Tasco Specialty 30x76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150 belongs to well-known Tasco Specialty Telescope series.

Tasco Specialty 30x 76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150 - A compact yet versatile reflector telescope. Great for camping and land viewing.

Regardless of how you lead your life, if you've desired to peer into the heavens, Tasco has a telescope that can take you there. Tasco brings the heavens down to earth - which helps to keep things in perspective.

Specifications of Tasco Specialty 30 x 76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150:

Tasco Specialty 30x 76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150
Specifications 30x 76mm Reflector
Mount Cradle
Finderscope N/A
Eyepieces 30x Erecting Image
Tripod N/A
Weight, lbs./kg 5/2.3
Accessories Carrying Strap

Package Contents:

  • Tasco Specialty 30x 76mm Reflector Telescope 30076150

95 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


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Jaylan - Add Reply

Well, what can I say? This telescope shows clear imaging and very simplistic eyepiece makes it easy to use. However, it's corkscrew style using 2 pins prohibits the use of other eyepieces. For planetary observation, 30x is adequate to view Jupiter with it's moons and if you look real carefully, you can just see a couple of it's cloudbands. I find it very difficult to locate objects in the sky w/o a finder scope. This goes back to the eyepiece selection. Supposively, it has a 12mm eyepiece. It's 350 mm in focal length. If there was a 25 mm wide angle corkscrew eyepiece available, it would enable the user to find much more at ease. Looking at various Nebulas and the Andromeda Galaxy, you're better off using an standard 7x50 binoculars that can give you as much detail if not more. 30x is way too much for this telescope for deep space observation. It took me 5 seconds with my 7x50 to find the Andr Gxy versus 10 minutes using the Tasco. I really frawned on these facts. If more eyepieces were available, I would give this scope a much better rating. In ways I can recommend this product but then again, I wouldn't recommend it. It's a toss up. For land viewing, this is the only reflector telescope to give an upright image. Objects are clear and the permanent base mount makes it very easy to use. Again, sometimes it's hard to find objects with 30x going back - there should be more eyepieces available. Pros: Very lightweight, easy to use eyepiece. Permanant bas... Read More...

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Franco - Add Reply

It look like a toy. But This Is a real D-76mm by F-300 30x telescope, i have heard that there a 15x eyepeace out there. I don't know how, Or were to get it... Realy you don't need it. 30x is a great view. Realy Easy to use. I like to hold it and scan the sky. Pros: Vary Portable, well made, Good Optic Cons: Can't use Filters with the eye peace, and can't find other eyepeace.

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