NC Star Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9X42 Compact Riflescopes w/ Fully Multi Coated Lenses for

The NC Star Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9x42 Compact Riflescope for Weaver/Picatinny was created to be packed with as many features as possible, but keeping the riflescope small enough and light enough to be carried on any platform. NcSTAR took the top qualities of the Mark III as a starting point to create a Fixed Power Rifle Scopes with prominent lines and solid controls. The Nc Star Riflescope is infused with a Quick Release for a standard Weaver style/picatinny rail. Professionals and Enthusiasts will agree that the Mark III Tactical Series 3-9x42 Compact Riflescopes are designed to do the job no matter what gets in the way!

90.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for NC Star Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9x42 Compact Riflescopes:

Magnification: 3-9x
Objective Dia.: 42mm
Reticle: P4 Sniper/Mil Dot/Rangefinder

Features of NCStar Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9x 42mm Compact Rifle Scope:

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) 100% safe for the eyesAnodized
  • Aluminum body
  • Heads up display
  • Unlimited eye relief and field of view
  • Standard On/Off switch
  • Includes extra battery, lens cover, mounting tool
  • Open Target Turrets
  • Fully Multi Coated Lenses
  • Built in sunshade
  • Quick focus eyepiece
  • Bullet drop compensator calibrated for the .223 cartridge w/ 55 grain bullet
  • Reticles Illuminate in Red or Green w/ multiple brightness settings
  • Integrated Quick Release mounting system

1-NC Star Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9X42 Compact Riflescopes w/ Fully Multi Coated Lenses for Weaver/Picatinny
2-NC Star Mark III Tactical Series 3942G 3-9X42 Compact Riflescopes w/ Fully Multi Coated Lenses for Weaver/Picatinny

  • PROS
  • Quick attachment, holds zero ok
  • CONS
  • If scope were clearer would help

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Will - Add Reply

While I was in the Army, I was looking for a cheap alternative to an ACOG to use with my issued M4 (Uncle Sam is too cheap to provide anything decent). I dedicded to give this optic a try. I'll make this short and sweet. It was very easy to zero to my weapon. I shot expert at the qualification range the first time I tried it out. The view is crystal clear. It's compact and the eye relief is good. I was able to aquire and hit targets quickly and easily. Now, onto the cons. The windage knob sticks out like a sore thumb. Mark your dial with paint marker so you can readjust if the knob is turned by accident. Or else, you risk losing your zero. You are going to need a riser if you are using an M4/AR15 with a permanent front sight post. Not having one will distort the image through the sight to a noticeable degree. After some use, my rear lens cap came loose. I used loctite to repair. No big deal, but that's points off for quality. The illumination is cool, but I never really found any opportunities to make use of the feature. BOTTOM LINE - If you are considering using this model for Military/Law Enforcement use, keep in mind of it's flaws and consider shelling out the dough for the ACOG (which is way overpriced in my opinion). For hunting or recreational shooting, this optic is well worth the price. It shoots straight, easy to use, and you just can't beat the value. Man, if NCstar made the windage knob internal like it's elevation knob, and stepped up the quality a bit, TRIJICON w... Read More...

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Bradford - Add Reply

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my scope. This will be installed on a heavy barreled AR-15 for shooting at ranges of 100-300 yards. Unlike some reviews this scope appeared to be free of defects. Reticle aligned, all knobs secure, attachment worked flawlessly. For the money, this is an excellent scope. Have another scope from this manufacturer and it has performed flawlessly for several thousand rounds. Expect the same from this one. Proves the old adage that you can't believe what you read, only what you see. Pros: Price, Simplicity Cons: None yet

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Dee - Add Reply

I love my scope, so I will tell you just how I got mine set up with ease and how it all worked out so well. I have an Armalite M15A2 Natioal Match Rifle, free float hanguard and Stainless barrel. I purchased the carry handle tactical mount #MNT-990 to put the quick detatch mouted scope, NcSTAR #STP3942G (3-9x42 P4 Sniper). I was only able to bore sight with the old fashione method, at about 50 feet indoors, ie: take off the upper and put it into a rest, remove bolt assembly & Chg.handle. I lined up the bore with a dot on a door, dialed in my windage and elevation to the same dot, then reassembled my rifle. The next day I took it to the range. At 50 yards, I was still high, due to the scope being mounted so high above the barrel plain, but I just dialled it in under the top cap and moved on to 100 yard target. Again still high, but I just walked a pefectly straight line right down to the 10 ring. I got a couple of X-ring shots, but with only a 3-9 power scope I couldn't quite get close enough to the up in my face view that you can with a 24X scope. The SR-1 target did quite well all day long for this scope at 100 yards. If you are going to the rage take your spotting scope if you have one. .223 holes are hard to see with a 9X scope at 100 yards. The windage knob, elevation knob, eyepiece adjustment and zoom, all worked flawlessly. Take a small testers white model car paint with you to mark a reference point on your tube after you get it ready to shoot. You will need this for f... Read More...

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Deshaun - Add Reply

Arrived from OP fairly quickly. Had to re-blue a few bare spots on the mount. Spent a lot of time and ammo trying to sight it in at the range before I realized that the allen set screw on the windage knob was loose and the windage knob was just spinning freely, having no affect on the windage adjustment. The knob eventually came off in my hand. That's when I realized the problem. (I was wondering why the knob was turning so smooth without clicks.) I was beginning to think I got one of the defective scopes I read about where windage could not be adjusted. Now I wonder if those reviewers had the same problem as me. I also noticed the cross hairs look to be a bit off. Like the scope was a bit twisted before they locked it into the mount. Unfortunately, I see no way to correct this at this stage. The cross hairs are a bit thick as well. Making shots past 100 yards would be difficult as the thick cross hairs would eventually cover the entire target. On the positive side; once I did get it sighted in, it seemed to hold for the next 50 or so .223 rounds that I put through my AR-15. (50 rounds was all of the original 200 that I had left by the time I got it sighted in) Time will tell. My advice would be to check, loctite and re-tighten EVERY part of this scope before heading out to the range. Remember; China is the world's Wal-mart. Quality control is not exactly their 'cup of tea'. Stealing designs, building them poorly and selling them cheaper is. I, like many of you will... Read More...

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Jocelyn - Add Reply

This is a great setup(for the price). Optics are very good(for the price). Eye relief is very good(for the price). Even the red dot setup is OK(for the price). Yes there is a theme here. This is NOT a high end scope. But if you are like me and use your AR to plink cans off fence posts, and shoot the occasional hog, skunk or coyote, this scope is plenty good enough. If you are a professional hunter or swat team member, spend 7-8 times this much. This scope is very easy to setup. Holds zero extremely well, even living on the back of a four wheeler full time. Even the attached red dot is not bad. Have used the red dot for quick elimination of 3 skunks already. And did I mention, this scope looks great on a Colt SP6920. No one will ever know it only set you back $129. Pros: Price, Good optics, easy setup, looks great Cons: none yet.

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Jeffery - Add Reply

I'm a firm believer in small (about dime-sized) bullseyes. At just 25 yds, I could barely see my target's bullseye when I used my red dot. Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I shopped around, read reviews and ended up buying my NC Star Mark III Compact Riflescope. It mounted easily on my S&W M&P AR .22 and it looks cool, too. Seeing small targets at greater distances is no longer a problem. The scope holds pretty close to zero when I re-install which is always nice. The only drawback I've found is when I illuminate the reticle, both red and green are very bright. They should have provided a brigtness adjustment feature. This one small thing is no big deal and certainly shouldn't be deal-breaker if you want a good scope at a great price. Pros: Great value, easy set-up again and again, cool optics Cons: When you illuminate, both red and green are very bright.

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Immanuel - Add Reply

Like myself and many others, am not a big game hunter nor military. Just wanted something to use on my Colt AR 15 and this scope is exceptional!! Never used top of the line anyway because I think they are over priced, Bought this last week, went to the gun range, put 8 shots to get zeroed at 100y and the compensater works perfect clicked it to 200y 1/2 in high and clicked it to 300y dead on. plinked around 40 rounds thru it and stayed true!! To the guys who say they need top of the line thats thier choice, but for us others who don't want to spend an arm and a leg, you cannot get any better results with this one, at least the scope that I have!~ Pros: dead on, easy set up, worth the money Cons: not much difference in brightness

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Lane - Add Reply

This is my second buy of this scope . Have used it on DD M-4 and MSAR E-4. Grandson liked it so much had to get one for him for M-4 he is building . The eye relief is little less than most scopes with a 556 nato or 223 no problem. Would not put on a heavy recoil rifle Pros: easy to use Cons: short eye relief

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Kacey - Add Reply

There's so much in the item description that doesn't do this scope justice. Sighting it in is incredibly easy, no tools required (The included red dot sight with the P4 does require an allen wrench for adjusting, though). Mounts to the picatinny rail without any tools. I can only speak for my P4, just sighting it in was a breeze with my laser bore. The color of the reticle can be changed form black to red or green, with the included CR2032 battery. The included RDS has an adapter to mount it on top of the scope, and is also easy to sight in. Both the scope and RDS come with covers, and look great. I'm recommending this to all my friends, and probably some strangers too. Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing

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Laverna - Add Reply

A very beautiful and useable rifle scope. Easy to set up and very versatile for close range and long range aim points. Pros: Very, very beautiful and easy to use scope. Cons: None yet

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Fermin - Add Reply

This scope was shipped promtly by Optics Planet. It is packaged in a very nice box and has adequete instructions. This scope went on an M&P 1522. The eye relief on this scope is really short, something like 2 inches. Most decent scopes are at least 3 inches which make a big difference when trying to view your target. At the range, weather was clear, temp about 70 and sun was intermittent. I noticed the illuminated reticle was kind of hard to see. It also appeared to have trouble staying illuminated during firing. Now this is only a 22 folks, so if this was trouble than I doubt this particular scope would be much use on a large cal. weapon. Sight picture is rather clear and pleasent, once you press your nose to the scope (because of the short eye relief.) LOL. I will try changing the battery in the scope and give it another shot. If it isn't any better I'll simply return the scope as it comes with a lifetime warrantee, huge!! As for installation on the flat top rail my 2 year old could do it. The quick detach is of good quality. Not sure if it will hold zero yet as I really was not prepared to sight scope properly, my fault. I need to add a nice bi-pod and pick up a sighting scope with decent magnification. Shooting the 22 at 50 yards it's difficult seeing the P.O.I. on target. At the range they call cease fire every 30 minutes. Now I don't know about the next guy but I'm not taking 5 shots and then waiting 30 minutes to see where the lead goes. So I just had some fun, actual... Read More...

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Garret - Add Reply

mounted to a S&W M&P 15-22. weight is good, as it adds a little oz to the light 15-22. qd mount works well. mounted atop a 1/2" riser. fairly clear glass, but limited eye relief. red dot looks cheap, and feels cheap, but works ok for the 25yd distance i use it for. Pros: solid, fairly clear glass, QD mount Cons: eye relief, not much difference in brightness levels

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Melvin - Add Reply

Great scope love the features and price but the red dot wont adjust low enough to be righ on. Looks great. Pros: Price and ease of setup Cons: Red dot wont adjust low enough

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Edgardo - Add Reply

Definitely a little more than I needed, but mounted on my M&P 15-22 very easily, looks great and shoots accurately.

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Enrico - Add Reply

ROCK solid anchoring to AR-15 carrying handle NAIL driving accuracy WAY out Pros: easy to install Cons: reticle crosshairs are a bit thick for >100 yard shots

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Torey - Add Reply

good price for a 3x9x42 scope with fully multi coated lenses Pros: clear sight picture easy set up holds zero on my ar 15 7.63x39 cal. Cons: quick release lock is small , can be difficult

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Gayle - Add Reply

I put this scope on my new S&W 15-22. I used a bore scope to sight it in. I shot at 50 yard and had a 1/2 in grouping with my bi-pod. I took the scope off and then put it back on with the quick release and the same thing, did not loose zero. put 300 rounds through, took it off and put it back and same results! Great scope for the money! I am going to put one on My 223 ar next. Pros: easy to set up and use Cons: none

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Dudley - Add Reply

Great buy. Sturdy and solid. I'm getting great grouping. It wasnt compatible with my fixed A2 rear sight so that had to go. I mounted on a riser to give better visibility over fixed front sight. Easy to set up and easy to zero. Bullet drop compensator is great. Scope Even holds up on AR10 Pros: Price quality Cons: Cant think of any

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Gideon - Add Reply

Excellent scope for the price!! Easy to use, and love the quick detach and the BDC!! Pros: Compact, decent power, perfecr for varmints Cons: practically none, no cover/lock for windage

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Kade - Add Reply

For the money this is a great value optic for your AR platform on the budget.

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Giles - Add Reply

Most of us don't need an ACOG or to shell out that kind of cash for good range performance. Since I don't expect to be jumping out of a helicopter any time soon, I've found the Mark III to be a better alternative for performance vs. cost. This unit is a great buy for the recreational shooter who likes the performance but doesn't need mil grade durability or cost. I love the adjustable power on the sight. Dialing it up to 9x and popping a 3" diamond at 100 yards is quite fulfilling. Pros: Clear, 3-9x Power, Illuminated Mil Dot Sight Cons: Sits a little low

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Wiley - Add Reply

Excellent scope for the price Pros: 3x9 compact

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Dax - Add Reply

good quality scope and a good price Pros: quick detach mount good optics Cons: none at this time

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Kian - Add Reply

Great scope for the money, nice & clear. Even if battery dies, reticle shows as black.

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Ola - Add Reply

NC Star Mark Iii Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9X42/Scope Adaptor Mount/Red Dot Combo Package STP3942G/D is easy to install and use. The scope holds up very well during indoor and outdoor use. Pros: Ease of use and installation

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Narciso - Add Reply

Nice scope for the money. The red dot that came with my package is, well it's junk. I gave mine to my cousin for his airsoft gun. Since i already invested in a quality red dot this was not an issue for me. As for the scope, it does what it says. Works great. I've only used it once since I bought it. While at the range it seemed as though after every shot the cross hairs would get blurry. I'm not sure if it's the scope or my eyes (as they were bothering me that day) Not really a problem as this comes with a lifetime warranty. Good scope over all. Pros: Easy to set up, Nice eye relief, Looks nice Cons: It's no ACOG

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Verner - Add Reply

Put mark111 on one of my ar15s using the quick release mount. I bore sighted it at 50yrds with a .223 laser bore sight, then set up with sand bags at 100yrds. It took 3 rounds to make the adjustments to center, then put 43 holes in a 3.5 inch radius. I think this is a great scope for .223/5.56 NATO. It held center very well. I'm ordering one for my .308 BAR. I'll let you know how it performs on a larger caliber. I'm very pleased with it.

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Bobby - Add Reply

I had been looking for a scope that dident cost more than my AR did and found the NcStar MKIII at a good price an it was also made with the AR-15 in mind. Pros: Has bullet drop compensation for the AR-15 and zoom lenz. Cons: Bullet drop compensation ring on turret gets out of sink too east so I had to put a pice of masking tapeon the turret to tighten tolerances between the ring and the turret.

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Olaf - Add Reply

This is good deal for a scope if you just want to plink. For serious target shooters or defensive use, this is not good enough. But for casual target shooting it's worth a shot due to the price. Pros: pretty clear glass QD mount Cons: Cheaply made

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Julien - Add Reply

One of the best values I've seen for any kind of scope. I'll probably try the one that mounts on the carry handle and try it also. Pros: Small, compact, versatile and on and on.

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Markus - Add Reply

Product received as described and in a timely manner. Only issue at this point is brightness of illuminated rcticle. Doesn't vary much from one set point to another and the lowest setting is much too bright in low light environment. Pros: Good valve for cost Cons: Reticle illumination too bright at lowest setting

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Spencer - Add Reply

A fine scope for the money. Easy to mount and easy to dial in. High mount affects bullet impact at varying ranges so you have to conscience of the parallax and adjust. Pros: Very Good Optics, light weight, easy to mount Cons: Sits very high on rifle, causes parallax

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Jarret - Add Reply

The Star Mark III was easy to calibrate, and the extra reticle feature makes it enjoyable to use. Pros: Size, weight and features Cons: None

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Nigel - Add Reply

This is a great scope. Very nice and clean. Pros: Everything Cons: None

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Malachi - Add Reply

looks sweet on my AR 15 easy to set up Pros: nice multi color reticle red and green cross hairs

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Lula - Add Reply

I think this scope is easy to setup, works well and is a great value

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Lane - Add Reply

Bought the scope at gun show yesterday, hit the range today! Took a while to get it on paper with first magazine, thought it was broke at first! But once zeroed it held pretty close to 2 moa at fifty yards. Checked the quick release and reattached it and it held zero the first time, but not the second! Took it back off and reattached and was to within 2” at fifty yards. Got it back to zero and moved out too 100 yards, shot high and to the right. Got it back to zero and held there for another 60 rounds! Scope is nice for the price but finish comes off pretty easy. Illuminated crosshairs is pretty much useless during the day and haven’t had a chance to check the bdc ! Hope it holds up for my $100.00 bill I dropped on it!

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Remington - Add Reply

shot over 200 rounds. stayed tight. held zero illumination is too bright. Pros: higher quality than expected Cons: need tone down the illumination. too bright

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