Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster

Price Save Up to 34% from $166.95 to $109.99

The speed and retention of the Blackhawk Level 3 Serpa Holster has been joined with a patented Y-Harness leg platform, which has greater stability and comfort than any other leg platform on the market. This Handgun Holster from the experts at Blackhawk Tactical also locks the pistol into the holster immediately upon reholstering. The Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Holster offers the highest level of function, retention, and security! Featuring a flexible thigh platform designed for breathability, comfort, and stability, this Blackhawk Tactical Holster includes a thumb-activated Pivot Guard and Serpa Auto Lock release. The Y-harness suspension system on the Blackhawk Level III Tactical Serpa Holster distributes weight evenly while quick-disconnect swivel buckles on the belt mounts deliver maximum mobility.

89.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster:

Fabric/Material: Injection Molded
Attachment/Mount Type: Harness
Finish: Matte
Concealable: No
Fastener/Closure Type: SERPA
Retention Level: Level III

Features of Blackhawk 4306 Level 3 Tactical Serpa Holster:

  • Flexible thigh platform conforms to leg size
  • Y-harness suspension system distributes weight evenly, keeps holster vertical when kneeling, and allows use of pants pocket
  • Quick-disconnect swivel buckles allow superior flexibility and quick holster mounting and dismounting
  • Accessory mounting locations for pouches, knives, mag cases, etc.
  • Rubberized leg straps eliminate sliding
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and Serpa Auto Lock release
  • Thumb-activated Pivot Guard for additional security
  • No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow down your draw
  • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
  • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for increased officer safety
  • No snaps or hoods to accidentally open
  • Full-length holster body protects rear sights
  • Same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty
  • Hole in holster body for bungee retention if desired

1-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
2-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
3-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
4-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
5-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
6-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
7-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
8-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
9-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
10-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
11-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
12-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
13-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
14-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
15-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
16-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
17-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
18-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
19-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster
20-Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Level 3 Thigh Holster

  • PROS
  • Great retention
  • well built
  • Fits large legs
  • Fast safety release
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick draw
  • Drop leg
  • locks in holster
  • one finger release
  • light weight and comfortable
  • CONS
  • Height strap slips
  • I think it might be over priced

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Jett - Add Reply

It works. It's 110% functional and reliable. It's what I expected of Blackhawk and they've raised the bar with this holster. I own a Serpa Sportster for my HK USP 45 full size. The retention level and ability to quick draw from that holster was superb. The Serpa thigh rig itself is terrific. I looked at Safariland, but I have used and abused Blackhawk gear and not once have I ever been disappointed with their gear. The money is well worth it if you want good rock-solid, high quality gear that's dependable in all environments. The L3 is what I have been looking for a long time due to the Sportster not being designed to cover the entire upper receiver group. You have to protect your investment in my book and Blackhawk did not disappoint. I would recommend this holster/rig for anyone that's looking to protect their sidearm and is looking for total functionality in the field. A good buy. Semper Fi.

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Miller - Add Reply

Blackhawk has another winner. The holster/dropleg platform functions as well as I'd hoped in my 3gun C.Q.B. matches. OpticsPlanet does an excellent job getting the order out,and keeping prices affordable.

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Fidel - Add Reply

I didn't know the L3 had the top cap, which is my fault for not looking at all the pictures. It does add an additional degree of retention but I don't feel it's completely necessary. I was using my buddies L2 previously and the extra thumb release for the extra retention point doesn't complicate the draw motion at all which is great. The L3 sits further away from my leg when compared to the L2 so weight distribution isn't as comfortable. I don't know about other models but the M9 must be reholstered with the hammer down in order to re-engage the top cover/additional retention. I hope (but do not know) this is not the case for 1911 style holsters. Overall a practical, functional holster, especially if extra safety or retention is a concern. Would probably buy a L2 if shopping again, but until this one fails I will continue to use it. Pros: Built solid, comfortable for wear Cons: More parts: more potential failure sites

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Moriah - Add Reply

Great item to have for bad days. One should prepare it for personal use and practice. Works great with my tactical vest. Highly recommend it after searching the net and using in training. Pros: I have checked it in my tactical training and it is perfect. Two strips keep the pocket reachable and the lock keeps everything secure and stable. Cons: did not find yet

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Cordelia - Add Reply

The holster is an overall good choice for comfortability and great retention. For such a great reaction time for the quick draw system it has great retention. The unique Y-Harness provides great comfort even through a 14-18 hour work day, and a constant movement environment. Giving the feeling of max flexability as well as making it feel like a loaded Beretta 92 is weightless. Wether your running, walking, or going up stairs the holster gives the weapon great stability on your leg as well as a perfect fit allowing no "wiggling feeling" nor movement. Overall great option, if your going to get a tactical holster don't waste your money on anything else, because the Blackhawk LV 3 SERPA is well worth the money! Pros: Great retention, very comfortable. Cons: None that I have encountered.

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Garett - Add Reply

I bought the drop leg holster at the same time as the duty ride attachment so I could use it as both a drop leg and on my duty belt. I prefer the duty belt as the drop leg rides a little too low for me and can't be adjusted higher. It's still a good deal, and I use it in drop leg configuration when on the range for plinking or just messing around. Pros: Secure, Fast, Weapon locks in easily Cons: Weapon rattles a bit when walking (SA 1911), cannot get the holster to ride high enough

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Celestino - Add Reply

I have been looking for this holster since March of this year was on order at ops gear. I finally canceled the order as ops gear could not tell me when the holster was gonna be in stock, luckily I called blackhawk and they told me optics planet had it and I placed the order. I have found that optic planet has a better selection of gear then opsgear. And will do more business due to this and there great prices Pros: Easy to use light weight and price Cons: How long it took to find this holster.

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Merritt - Add Reply

At first I was reluctant to buy this holster. However, once it arrived and I dry fired with it a few times I knew I had made a great choice. The draw is quick and smooth. The safety mechanisms are top notch. I have complete confidence in this holster for my M9A1 pistol.

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Jamarcus - Add Reply

Works well. The SP2022 locks in securely and the release feel as if it were a custom fit to my hand. With a little practice and muscle memory drawing my SIG should be second nature. At first the holster felt like it were sliding down my leg, but with a little tightening of the adjustable straps the holster fit snug and secure. I prefer drawing from my leg vs hip/belt holsters because my hand at my side is already adjacent to my Sig. This makes for a quicker draw and quicker to get on target. A tactically better location. Great design, I recommend this product.

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Gregorio - Add Reply

I would love to say I love it it is very comfortable and easy to use, but unfortunately I had to return it. My XD 45 is a 5 inch and no Serpa holsters will fit it. Didn't find that out until after I bought it.

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Jerel - Add Reply

Retention on the holster is awesome, the harness stays snugg against your thigh so you don't have rubbing and banging when moving faster than a walk. Comfortable. The height adjustment straps do loosen up and the harness will lower just out of reach of the draw. You may have to tape of sew the straps in place once you decide where you want it to sit.

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Jerrod - Add Reply

Outstanding utility, but like any piece of equipment , the user has to train with it.. Keeps the weapon secure, durable material and great fit to the attach when needed and remove with ease when not needed..I will buy one more for a backup too valuable an accessory to be without..

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Vincenzo - Add Reply

I used this holster in a tactical 2 pistol class, and it functioned perfectly. Has an additional security feature which I wasn't aware of that is located next to the hammer, and basically locks the pistol into place. This worked especially well for me as I was involved in drills that required a lot of movement, including laying flat and rolling. The holster stayed in place, was easy to locate after only a couple draws without looking, and the pistol "snapped" into place perfectly. Highly recommend this holster to any LEO and/or enthusiast who is seeking a tactical thigh holster for training. - Emmanuel Zuccarelli Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing

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Santino - Add Reply

This tactical thigh Holster works great when you have to use tactical vest and gear and can't get to your hip mounted holster as easy. Pros: very accessible and easy to use Cons: none

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Tyree - Add Reply

This holster is extremely comfortable, but initially, it's difficult to get it situated properly on your leg. Once you get it on there right, it's really a great holster to wear all day. Pros: Comfortable and durable Cons: Difficult to setup initially.

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Ramon - Add Reply

The Blackhawk thigh rig was easy to set up and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to carry on the leg.

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Javon - Add Reply

I bought this and I am very happy with the quality. I am not sure why others are rating it lower as when I holster my weapon, it is very easy for me to consciously withdraw it even with the security features. I would definitely recommend it.

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Raheem - Add Reply

Was pleasantly surprised by this hostler. Very well made, durable construction. The extra safety features may seem a little excessive, but they release quickly and allow for a smooth and fast draw. Biggest plus to me was that the leg straps are truly one-size fits all. I am a larger man and have tree stumps for legs an most other drop holsters required I either bought extensions or a new strap all together. With this holster the straps not only fit around my leg but have room to breath if needed in the future.

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Kyle - Add Reply

Great Holster Pros: Comfortable, easy to wear Cons: None

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Carleton - Add Reply

I do not use this product in a professional capacity but it appears to me to be well made and keeps the weapon secure.

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Alford - Add Reply

Excellent product! Exactly what I was looking for and fits the weapon beautifully! It is a lil snug on the weapon at first but within a few draws it slides in and out with ease. I used the same holster overseas on my last deployment only it was for a 9mm and I was just as pleased with it. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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Americo - Add Reply

Another quality product by BlackHawk! If you don't like you firearm poking you in the side, and are not looking for concealed carry, this is a great option. The level 3 Serpa is about as secure as it gets, for an open carry holster. I especially like the lower platform for maneuverability, without restrictions of the waistline. Pros: Security, durability, accessability, weight distribution. Cons: expense

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Edward - Add Reply

Very Sturdy Level 3 Latching. I like the fact that you have to actively reset the latch since you can not re-holster the weapon with it closed (unlike the finger release). Pros: Secure on leg, Secure in holster, Cons: Elastic suspenders give when using a heavier weapon.

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Declan - Add Reply

Thoroughly happy with design, functionality and appearance. Suggested the same holster to several colleagues Pros: Functionality Cons: none

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Buster - Add Reply

This is a great holster system and great build quality. You can add 2 mag pouches to this system in addition to the holster. There are 2 locks on this holsters, one controlled by the thumb and one by the index finger to ensure the pistol doesn't fall out. Easy to use. I purchased a cheap leg holster and this SERPA is leagues ahead. I wish Blackhawk made a holster for the P229 + tactical light Pros: Great build quality and expandability Cons: Blackhawk doesn't make a holster for P229 + Tac Light

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Herman - Add Reply

This combo set up is very nice. I bought it more for the holster, but since this combo was cheaper then buying both separate. Just another spot to hold the weapons. Pros: More the hoster then the platform Cons: None

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Raoul - Add Reply

Best holster system on the market. period.

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Colby - Add Reply

good quality, easy to use, the setup is little bit complicated, overall, highly recommd

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Milan - Add Reply

Excellent design for tactical dropdown leg holster. Would recommend Serpa L2 for hip mounted holster. Pros: excellent construction easy to use Cons: Takes practice for quick draw

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Dameon - Add Reply

Blackhawk makes the best holsters Pros: easy to use

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Arely - Add Reply

Very comfortable to wear & looks great on you. Attract complements. Very good quality & design. Fit my Sig Sauer P229 like a charm. Will definitely recommend to anyone .

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Taylor - Add Reply

This holster fit snug and comfortably. It also protects this handgun. It hold the gun tightly there is no extra movement, even if you are running or walking fast. Another good product from blackhawk. I have no complaints!

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Alexzander - Add Reply

Light weight and well built very comfortable to wear, quick release, easy adjustment for a perfect fit. Overall a very nice leg holster and very easy to put on and wear. I would recommend this holster, almost in possible for someone to to pull the handgun out of the holster.

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Juwan - Add Reply

A great rig for tactical situations where you have to wear a vest. Very secure and fast to draw from.

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Harold - Add Reply

Im an active duty security forces member in the Airforce and i use to use the Safariland holster but ive trained with this holster before and it is very easy to use and comfortable. I would recommend to anyone interested in a new drop leg holster.

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Salvatore - Add Reply

I purchased this one after buying and returning BlackHawk Tactical SERPA Holster(assuming it is a level 1 or whatever)that didn't seem to let me have my gun when I wanted it. This one fits a lot better, still a little tight on my Colt Competition 1911 but it just needs a little time in the holster. I may or may not use the Hammer guard as I have only had it a little while and have not used it in a competition situation yet. But over all for the money and what you get I am very happy.

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