Streamlight Twin-Task Rechargeable Titanium TTR Flashlight w/ Xenon / LED Combination 51017

Streamlight Twin-Task 3C Rechargeable Titanium Flashlight 51017 is a ultra-bright, rechargeable LED/xenon flashlight. Streamlight TwinTask Flashlight provides the longevity of an LED with the brightness and range of a conventional high powered bulb using a super high-flux Luxeon. TwinTasks Rechargeable Lights from Streamlight: preserve night vision,won’t spook game and can be seen from over 1 mile away. Twin-Task Line of Streamlight Flashlights are constructed of computer machined aluminum with an anodized finish, are 0-ring sealed, feature an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and are water resistant. Twin Task Lights from Streamlight also offer special features that make using Streamlight Titanium TaskTwin Flashlight easy and convenient, such as a micro faceted reflector, and an enhanced knurled grip. These Streamlight Titanium Flashlights come with an AC battery charger. All this, plus a Lifetime Warranty and Money back Guarantee by Streamlight and backed by OpticsPlanet! Streamlight Flashlight Titanium TwinTask features six ultra-bright White LEDs and a high-intensity xenon bulb and powered by 3 "4/5 sub C " NiCad batteries. Streamlight Rechargeable Twin-Task Titanium Flashlight has 3 modes: Xenon (run time up 50 minutes), 3 White LEDs (run time - 16 hours), 6 LEDs (run time - 9 hours).

For more information please see Steamlight TwinTask Rechargeable Flash Light Info in PDF here.

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Specifications for Streamlight 51017 Twin-Task R Xenon / LED Combiantion Flashlights:

Battery Style:   Rechargeable
Battery Type:   Nickel-Cadmium
Bulb Type:   Ultra-bright White LED & Xenon
Color:   Titanium
Length:   7.14 in (18.14 cm)
Lumens:   95
Runtime:   Up to 50 minutes (xenon)Up to 16 hours (3LEDs)
Weight:   0.66 lbs (0.3 kg)
Light Type:   Handheld
Material:   Computer-machined aluminum with anodized finish; Unbreakable polycarbonate lens

Features of Streamlight TTR Twin Task LED / Xenon Flash-Lights:

  • Super-bright Xenon bulb or (2) LED modes
  • Anodized machined aluminum alloy body
  • Enhanced Knurled grip.
  • Super-bright Xenon bulb with 6 100,000 hour life LEDs
  • Bulb: 95 Lumens (Xenon)
  • LED: 42 Lumens (6 white LEDs); 22 Lumens (3 white LEDs)
  • Runtime: Up to 50 minutes runtime (Xenon Bulb); Up to 16 hours (3 LEDs); Up to 9 hours (6 LEDs)
  • 3 "4/5 sub-C" nickelcadmium battery stick.
  • Battery charges in 2.5 hours
  • Heavy duty drop-tested construction
  • Micro-faceted reflector for smooth focus, adjustable focus (Xenon Only)
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance
  • High-strength lanyard included
  • Length: 7.14 in.; Weight: 0.66 lbs
  • IPX4 Rated For Water-Resistant Operation
  • All Openings O-ring sealed
  • 1 meter impact resistance tested
  • "No Excuses" limited lifetime warranty

1-Streamlight Twin-Task Rechargeable Titanium TTR Flashlight w/ Xenon / LED Combination 51017

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Reinhold - Add Reply

I now have 3 of these lights and they out perform and are half the price of comparable rechargeables. The only complaint I have for this light is the use time with Xenon function, but it is still comparable to all the Xenon bulb lights and that this one is advertised as Titanium when its actually Alluminum but with that being the worst complaint I am very satisfied with these lights. As an Aircraft Mechanic I have bought alot of expsenive flach lights in my day and this one for the money is by far the best. If you buy the non rechargeable lights that use the 4/5 sub "c" batteries it will cost you alot to use but with this one being rechargeable it saves you alot of money in the long run and the rechargeable batteries are very inexpensive. I bought 3 sets of the rechargeable batteries from OpticsPlanet and it still cost me less than to buy the 4/5 sub "c" one time It only takes up to 1 hour to charge the batteries. The light also has on oring inbetween the removeable sections to make it vaporproof which is also a plus. Pros: Small and easy to use in tight spaces. Cons: Short use time with Xenon function

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